The Neighborhood Initiative strives to meet the outlined objectives of improved educational outcomes, strong parent engagement and progressing community development through a variety of collaborative programs serving children, youth and their parents. Our programs work in partnership with each other to provide comprehensive support and promising opportunities for all of our neighborhood families.

The Neighborhood Initiative serves the children, youth and families in the McPherson and Phillips neighborhoods by providing safe and trusting places that promote and support social connections, family wellness, parent engagement and adult education opportunities. 


Our Programs:

Family Resource Center: Partners with families and community to create opportunities for learning, advocacy, social connections, well-being, and community leadership so that individuals have the resources to realize their strengths and determine and shape their own futures.

Youth Leadership Academy: Enrolls 120 students each year (95% of whom are Latino), who are continuously guiding and mobilizing the neighborhood in intensive community development. The Academies are building a pipeline of success in the McPherson Neighborhood, linking children and youth to academic achievement, hands-on leadership and college & career readiness.

Citizenship Legal Services: A unique collaborative, offering a continuum of services to help immigrants, living or working in Napa County, become U.S. Citizens who are fully integrated into the larger community.


Our Values/Mission/Areas of Focus:

  • Achieve educational equity

  • Promote family support services in health, wellness, and financial self sufficiency

  • Create opportunities for connection and expression

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Achieve educational equity

The first step in moving toward educational equity starts with youth leadership development to advocate for themselves and within the community. To promote youth leadership and educational equity, we’ve learned that by engaging both youth and community partners in the following, we can better address the disparities between white and Latino education, school culture, and safety by way of:

  • Joint Learning and Leadership Teams between Elementary and Middle School personnel as well as OTM staff focused on K-2 literacy proficiency, instructional strategies, and a cross-cultural responsiveness amongst Napa Valley Schools.

  • Hosting neighborhood-based Town Hall meetings to assess emerging needs

  • Offering Parent University classes

  • Engaging youth in community and leadership projects, such as oral history projects, shared spaces planning and development, school and city safety improvements

Behind the Life of a Latina” The experiences, successes, and challenges of Latina youth at Napa High School

This video was made by students at Napa High School, several of whom participated in the Neighborhood Initiative's Leadership Academy. It addresses the education and income disparities many families in our neighborhoods face. 

Promote family support services

Providing services that focus on family health, wellness, and financial self-sufficiency, enables parents to better understand their rights, access services around their children’s needs and education, and actually take part in their education. Through the following services, the Neighborhood Initiative has been able to assist families in better quality of life and an understanding of education and government systems.

  • SparkPoint Napa, a financial self-sufficiency program, utilizing a two generation approach, designed to support families increase their income, reduce their debt and increase their savings by meeting regularly with a 1:1 financial coach and participating in financial education classes and workshops.
  • Collaborate with On The Move’s Citizenship Legal Services initiative to provide support around naturalization and other immigration relief topics.
  • Provide emergency financial aid relief in state of emergencies