The Neighborhood Initiative is guided by three primary core goals:


1. Parents and residents will improve their families’ lives by learning, taking action and planning for the future with the support of OTM’s strong partnerships that address the academic, health, and financial needs of the community.

OTM utilizes strong partnerships with schools, neighborhood residents, and local agencies to ensure resources are available to address the academic, health, and financial needs of the community. These resources are coordinated and made available through school-based Family Resource Centers at McPherson and Phillips Elementary Schools.

2. Youth will be able to open doors to opportunity because they have gained the foundational skills needed for learning and success.

Through one-on-one coaching, peer mentoring, group process and public performances, the Youth Leadership Academies works to build a unique culture of high expectations, mutual support, and boundless possibilities to create change. Young members of the Youth Leadership Academies are endowed with the knowledge that all doors to opportunity are open to them if they are willing to work hard, develop their skills and ask for help.

3. Students and parents will engage with schools, community organizations, funders and decision makers as equal partners to create safe and inclusive neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Initiative’s long history of supporting youth and parents to take action on behalf of their schools and communities has created deep shifts in how local systems address education, economic and health needs within neighborhoods.  The Neighborhood Initiative prepares and supports student leaders and neighborhood residents to respond to urgent needs surrounding economic stability, immigrant rights, healthcare access and the provision of exceptional educational opportunities to all children in the neighborhoods.

Phillips Neighborhood By The Numbers


5,200 residents live in the neighborhood,

45% of residents are Latino

25% of adults have not completed high school

533 children attend Phillips Elementary School

92% are Latino

63% are English Language Learners

85% come from low-income families

33% of Phillips students graduate from high school UC/CSU eligible

McPherson Neighborhood By The Numbers

McPherson Neighborhood.png

6,000 residents live in the neighborhood

75% of residents are Latino

521 children attend McPherson Elementary School

94% are Latino

71% are English Language Learners

85% come from low-income families